Ninja Turtles 2

New Ciné Geek review today with the recent DVD and BluRay release of Ninja Turtles 2. What to have a good time with the family? Here is our opinion.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles … Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles … You probably remember this song from a successful cartoon from your childhood. This license was also very successful on the video game side with the very famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles released on Nes in 1989, it does not make us any younger.

It is therefore natural that the franchise is brought to the big screen with a first film in 2014, which has gone rather well. So that Paramount Pictures is launching a sequel that will be released in June 2016. Available since November 8 in DVD, BluRay format and in a boxed set with the film 1 and 2, it is therefore an opportunity to have a good time with the family during these end of year celebrations.

Because yes above all else, Ninja Turtles is a clever mix of action but also humor. The movie is directed by Dave Green and the cast is pretty impressive. We thus find Megan Fox in the role of journalist April O’Neil, but also Stephen Amell (the hero of the Arrow series) who plays the character of Casey Jones, a vigilante allied to the turtles, who stands out by wearing a mask of face hockey. In the role of the villainous Shredder, we find Brian Tee, seen in Wolverine or even Fast and Furious 7. In short, a nice cast for a big budget movie!

Ninja Turtles 2 are aimed above all at young adults, teenagers from the 80s / 90s who grew up with the license. What a joy to find these famous pizza-loving turtles who live in the sewers. Super heroes yes, but far from the classic standards of savior of Humanity. Turtles are crazy, funny and very endearing. The film takes us into a comic book atmosphere for our greatest pleasure!

The great asset of the film is obviously its humor! With jokes certainly not very clever, but which hit the mark, and that’s all that we ask for with great entertainment: not to see the time pass, to have full eyes and laugh! Mission accomplished with this Ninja Turtles 2 which takes us back to our childhood. What a pleasure to see our dear turtles give pretty beatings to the bad guys Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady! Even if sometimes the fight scenes are a bit messy, we get caught in the heat of the moment and we want more!

So if you are nostalgic, fan of comics, turtles or you like pizza, do not move, Ninja Turtles is there for you and to entertain you without more pressure!