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Also you already can start preparing your characters to the next update, even WoW TBC Powerleveling available already.

Discovery: The Story of Pix’n Love’s Final Fantasy VI

The Story of Pix’n Love’s Final Fantasy VI

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy, you inevitably know the 6th episode of the cult Square Enix series. Our friends at Pix’n Love have just released a sublime book that deals with this legendary RPG. So to know everything about this game, from its conception to its release in the store, one watchword: devour this book!

Available in two editions, The Story of Final Fantasy VI takes us back to the roots, to the very essence of the era of cult RPGs. Pix’n Love offers an Esper Edition, priced at € 34.90, which is a limited and numbered edition. The latter includes:

  • The book ” The Story of Final Fantasy VI – The Divine Epic “
  • A cardboard sleeve
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Three unpublished illustrations by artist Kiyoshi Arai

The book is also available in a standard edition at a price of € 24.90. This opus available since June 30 includes 250 pages in 16 * 24 cm format, so much for the technical details.

When you are a fan of a game and its universe, the idea of ​​reading a book deciphering all the crisp anecdotes of the latter necessarily makes your mouth water. This is what Pix N Love offers with this Divine Epic. We go back to the beginnings of the game and its release in 1994 on the Super Famicom, one of the most cult consoles of its generation. Squaresoft is then the absolute master in RPG and this sixth opus promises to be the most promising. The book makes us relive the course of the title which ended up entering the Pantheon of the opus of the Final Fantasy saga. 

With a preface by Akira Ueda, who worked on  Final Fantasy IV and Secret of Mana, this book is a must-have for all license lovers. Happy reading everyone!