Fortnite on PS4, construction and zombies

Sandbox games have definitely been popular with gamers in recent years. An endless playground, tons of tools available for the most creative, this is the recipe of the moment. Take all this and add zombies in a survival universe, this is Fortnite coming soon. What is the title of Epic Games worth? Here is the verdict of the Potion.

A very long gestation …

You have to go back a few years to find the foundations of Fortnite. It was 2011 when the game was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards. At the time, the title was just an idea of ​​the developers and nothing was started yet. In 2014, we learn that the game will follow the free-to-play economic model, and an alpha version will be released at the end of that same year. It is July 25 that Fortnite will be available in early access on PS4, Xbox One and PC, for those who have pre-ordered the game before its final arrival in free-to-play in 2018. A rather surprising strategy, therefore, because at The current free-to-play release date is still not known. 

As we told you in the preamble, Fortnite is a mix of genres: an Action-builders with shooter all sprinkled with zombies and which comes to life in a colorful and crazy universe. Very quickly you will understand that this game is addicting as much as possible. As is often the case with builders. 

As for the story, the pitch is quick and simple. One day a huge storm called the Storm ravaged the whole region. So here you are in the shoes of a commander, who must manage a group of heroes to try to rebuild everything while eliminating the many creatures that still roam. 

Four classes will be available: builder, ninja, soldier and adventurer. Each class obviously has its own characteristics and a very specific role to play. In the game, you go on a 4-player mission, so long live the cooperation! It will be necessary to be attentive and to be organized to carry out the tasks which will be yours. You will thus have to build your own base which will be permanent but also temporary bases during your various missions in co-op. To carry out your architectural projects, you will have to farm resources. And there we realize that the game is crazy in terms of gameplay. Everything is good to farm and recycle. During your exploration phases as soon as you arrive in a mission, you can give yourself to your heart’s content: chopping down trees for wood, classic but very useful. Fart all the cars that come your way to collect metal. But also find chests full of resources, break all the elements of scenery, etc etc … With all these resources, you can build a base to defend a mission objective but also improve your base camp, create your weapons, your traps. defense … The list of things to create and do is long … Especially since you can recycle your objects to create others. An endless circle … create your weapons, your defense traps … The list of things to create and do is long … Especially since you can recycle your items to create others. An endless circle … create your weapons, your defense traps … The list of things to create and do is long … Especially since you can recycle your items to create others. An endless circle …

Fun, fun and more fun 

In addition to managing your resources and equipment, you will also have to manage your heroes, and your survivors that you will find as you go on your expeditions. You will collect experience to distribute as you see fit, on such or such hero. The same goes for your survivors who will be very useful to you. You will be able to create a team of defenders for your base, a team dedicated to expeditions to collect resources, a medical rescue team … You might as well say that you have work to do. 

Regarding weapons, they are legion. You can fight with a baseball bat, a traffic sign, a katana, a hammer, tons of guns, singer’s gun, explosives and more. All this to go and exterminate zombies with a shovel. Because yes there are lots of zombies in Fortnite, lots of different kinds, each with their own powers. And it’s really enjoyable to knock it down in a loop, a real let off steam. 

Another rather new and fun element: the pinatas. You will unlock them as the game progresses, these are the rewards for your missions. After blowing one up happily, you will collect bonus XP, weapons, survivors, traps etc. Because yes Fortnite is focused on the loot race and it is quickly addicting. You will want again and again to farm resources to improve your weapons, your traps, your base. And if you’re playing with your friends on top of that, you’ll want to be the badass hero with some crazy gear. We will have warned you, this game is a joy without name, where we let off steam and we do not take ourselves seriously. 

A quick word about the resolution of the game, the title runs at native 1080p on PS4 and the Pro version is even prettier with really stunning lighting effects. The game is colorful, beautiful and we are quickly seduced by its crazy cartoon atmosphere. 

Our verdict: Fortnite won the bet to win in its early access by offering an original game in a quirky universe. Opting for a sandbox, shooter and tower defense, it will quickly get you hooked.