Fortnite: the cutscene that turns everything off for early access

A few cables away from the launch of its early access, the very punchy Fortnite sends us today a cutscene that will charm you. La Potion makes you discover this title which will occupy you this summer! 

Because it’s not just RPGs in life, we also like to talk to you about cool titles whose potential makes our hype vibrate. This is the case for Fortnite, a survival game that also combines a builder aspect. Epic Games is therefore offering us soon this game which will be in the 3rd person and whose principle lies on teamwork.

Several classes will be available (Ninja, Adventurer, Soldier and Builder), where the action will take place in a city plagued by a huge storm. To survive, you will have to barricade yourself as best as possible but also face waves of … Carcasses (aka zombies)! We love the principle. 

Early Access will begin on July 25 on PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One, before free-to-play gaming officially launches next year. The title embeds a crafting system and RPG elements, business to follow … In the meantime, discover without further delay the superb cinematic just here: