Lineage 2: Revolution arrives with the Clan Academy

To celebrate the arrival of this new tutorial, new Clan Events will be taking place August 8-29. The “For the Clan!” Event offers special rewards such as R-Quality Armor Boxes, R-Quality Mount Equipment Boxes as well as Radiant Upgrade Stone Selection Boxes for all players belonging to a Clan and those in of the Academy after participating in a series of clan activities. When clan members donate items to their comrades, they will receive 1.5 times more Adena than normal through the “Clan Login and Donation Rewards” event. A new event “Penalty reduction on leaving a clan” will allow you to reduce the penalty points for having left or joined a clan during the entire duration of the event,

A new Gear Collection feature has also been added. By collecting equipment and depending on their playtime, players will receive additional rewards and stats to improve their character.  

With this update, the Tower of Insolence will be extended to the 120th floor. All players who reach the 120th floor will receive 500 Red Diamonds until August 29th. Players will also be able to participate in the “The First to Complete the Tower of Insolence” event from August 8 to 29. Indeed, the first 10 players of each server who will clean the 120th floor of the tower will receive Blue Diamonds. The first will receive 5,000 Blue Diamonds, players from second to fifth place will receive 2,000 Blue Diamonds, and players from sixth to tenth will receive 1,000.