The Story of Zelda vol. 1 by Pix’N Love

New discovery today with the book The Story of Zelda from Pix’N Love. Explore the origins of one of RPG’s most popular sagas. As usual, the publisher offers two versions of this book, to the delight of collectors.

Oscar Lemaire, author at Pix’N Love offers us a book retracing the History of Zelda through this first volume. If you were familiar with this name, it’s normal he is also a freelance journalist for a video game site. We are therefore entitled to 350 pages of little happiness that we savor with relish. As usual, the publisher offers us two versions, a classic at € 24.90 but also and above all a sublime limited edition at € 34.90. This limited and numbered Master Edition collector’s version includes: 

  • An exclusive cardboard sleeve with die-cut and hot foil stamping.
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • The Story of Zelda hardcover. 

Zelda, Link, Hyrule .. These very familiar names sprouted and came to life in 1986 with a first episode on Nes. It was in November 1987 that the Europeans were able to get their hands on this game that would forever revolutionize the history of RPG. Even if the series has always been in the shadow of Nintendo’s big success, namely Mario, the little hero with his green cap has imposed his paw and his style. Mixing action game, RPG and puzzles, millions of players around the world have touched on at least one episode of the series.

This volume 1 retraces the first 15 years of the Zelda license, with these episodes on Nes, Super Nintendo and Game Boy. 17 chapters that are easily devoured, the style is fluid and we discover with immense pleasure a whole bunch of unpublished anecdotes about the series and its universe. If you have always wondered what bond between Link and Peter Pan? Why is  The Adventure of Link  a decidedly atypical episode? Why did Shigeru Miyamoto not finally integrate the idea of ​​three different worlds in  A Link to the Past  ? How was it decided to abandon the idea of ​​the first person view of Ocarina of Time  ? This book will shed some light on the behind the scenes of this flagship Nintendo RPG. 

A book to savor, for fans of the license, but also for the curious. Learn all about the Triforce, Ganon and Princess Zelda. Immerse yourself in the process of creating Link and his vast and rich universe. We can’t wait to read more and we are already waiting for it with undisguised impatience!