Achievements for Black Desert Online in Korea

Today the publisher Daum Communications unveils the first figures for the reception of Black Desert Online in South Korea since December 17th. 

The least we can say is that the Pearl Abyss sandbox will have been talked about before the opening of its South Korean open-beta. Much hope rested on him and obviously the welcome was more than warm. Indeed, the publisher is enthusiastic about the 1.5 million players registered on his MMORPG, which, it is important to specify, does not give any indication on the number of players still active since the game’s release. , Black Desert reportedly grossed no less than 2.3 billion won (approximately € 1,820,000) in its first week of operation alone. Undeniably this testifies to a craze around this title which wants to revolutionize, by a more sandbox approach, the experience of MMORPGs in general.

This figure is all the more spectacular since the game is offered in free-to-play in Korea, which means that the accumulated winnings are only due to the store included in the game and which mainly offers cosmetic items even if there is one. find some bonuses (speed, armor) that would make western players jump. However, and as you will have noticed by reading our weekly meeting “Saturdays, Korean ranking! »On our site, Black Desert has since left the Top 10 most played games in Korean Internet cafes when it easily managed to climb to 6th position during its first weeks. Has the souffle fallen back? Let’s wait a few months to judge.