DragoDino on Steam

DragoDino, the dragon roguelike is finally here. This nice roguelike is the result of the work of TealRocks Studio. The Potion team invites you to decipher it with you during this test.

Once upon a time …

Let’s start with the story. The DragoDinos live in the heavens and know nothing about the earthly world. Since their appearance, they have evolved and become intelligent. Thanks to their abilities, they built a civilization and invented very advanced technologies. Despite all their evolutions, births of DragoDinos are extremely rare. But one day, an egg of each race is born. A great feast was celebrated in this honor but a tragic accident took place: the eggs fell from the heavens. After long years of waiting, Bob our hero and father of one of the missing eggs, made the decision of a rescue operation towards the world under the clouds.

At the heart of the gameplay

The gameplay of this platformer has one simple goal: to climb up to collect the lost eggs, you can complete this task alone or in local co-op. You will find on your way several bonuses (combat, defense, life gain types) in order to get rid of the monsters (about 50 different enemies) which try to slow down your progress. This game contains 10 procedurally generated levels and two difficulty modes:

  1. A classic mode that allows you to have 3 lives and a checkpoint.
  2. A hardcore mode, as the name suggests: you only have one life and zero checkpoints.

Each level is made up of several platforms, in which you will meet monsters and collect various items.

 The collected gems allow you to gain lives when you collect a certain number of them. Some items will also allow you to discover doors to rooms full of gems. You will have to collect them within a given time.

You will also have the opportunity to find yourself in front of shops. The store allows you to buy bonuses with coins collected during levels, but you also have the option of being able to store bonuses.

Let’s finish this test with graphics and music, this little 2D cartoon-type game might make you think of Wakfu’s drawing style. Adorable, childish and endearing, you will enjoy going on an adventure. To follow you during your quest, a soft, light, fresh and in no way redundant music will accompany you, enough to make you have a good time as you will have understood.

To conclude, DragoDino is a game that will take you back to childhood. The fact that the levels are remade and never look like each death, prevents you from being able to analyze and learn each pattern by heart. If you like this kind of game, the Potion team highly recommend it.