We tested the Turtle Beach Recon Chat headset for you

Are you looking for a headset for your PS4 or Xbox One console and on a budget? No worries, Turtle Beach has you covered, here’s the Recon Chat. La Potion tested it for you?

Available since mid-April in Europe, the Turtle Beach Recon Chat is therefore a gaming headset for both PS4 and Xbox One players, which is primarily aimed at small budgets. With its unique earpiece and resolutely sleek style, this is the latest headset from audio gaming specialists. Equipped with a 3.5mm jack, it will therefore be compatible with your pad but also with all devices whether your mobile or your tablet. 

Let’s not speak much, but speak well. This headset is dedicated to players on a low budget or for players who are not big fans of state-of-the-art technology. This Recon Chat is a fairly simple headset in its design, which will also allow wearers of prescription or anti-blue light glasses to be able to play in a comfortable way. The innovative SpecsFit technology designed by Turtle Beach offers optimal comfort to eyeglass wearers, thanks to the special opening in the RECON CHAT pad to reduce the pressure exerted on the temples by the helmet. And that is really a very good thing! 

Another advantage is its weight, since it is very light and once in place you hardly feel it. 214 grams on the clock, we tell you, this helmet is really light. 

Another advantage, which can also be a disadvantage depending on is its unique earpiece. Thanks to it you will be able to benefit from the audio of your TV or you will also be able to hear all your entourage and thus not find yourself cut off from the world. Obviously, we can also blame this choice since suddenly, immersion in your game necessarily takes a hit because you find yourself a victim of noise that surrounds you. Two schools, two types of game, the choice is yours. 

The big positive point is necessarily the price! With a price of around 20 €, this Recon Chat is therefore a big competitor in the entry-level gaming headset section. Available for Xbox One and also PS4, it is also proficient for the very latest PS4 Pro. This will delight all gamers of all banners! Not jealous ! 

Command level, it’s classic with the volume control and the microphone-mute function (practical to answer that one arrives at the table when one comes kindly to inform you of the order). 

To conclude, we tell you that this Recon Chat is primarily aimed at undemanding players with a small budget. If you need to invest in a headset and you don’t mind the single earpiece option, then this is the one for you.