Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Nintendo Switch

Released last December, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 will take you back in time. All in Lego sauce and especially with all the superheroes of the Marvel franchise. Good pick ? Answer in our test.

Lego lovers may have feared the worst with the announcement of Warner Bros, which therefore decided to stop the Lego Dimensions adventure. Rest assured, Warner continues to proliferate the games of the studio TT Games and among them the latest released: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.

In this new opus, you will have to rub shoulders with the super villain by the name of Kang, who has the power to travel through time. This ugly ugly one has found nothing better to entertain himself than to imprison different places in a place called Chronopolis . A little word, moreover, on the guiding idea of ​​the game: to make you travel through time, dimensions, and places. In short, real entertainment whose script was taken over by Kurt Busiek, to whom we owe the Avenger Forever comic book, yes yes just that! During 20 chaptersthat therefore contains the game, you will play a whole bunch of well-known characters: Rocket, Spider-Man, etc etc … and besides each hero in his own way of fighting and his own special powers and that, that brings a real richness in terms of gameplay and above all it allows the player not to be bored. Anyway, in addition to playing a lot of super heroes too badass, you will also travel everywhere and at different times such as: ancient Egypt, the Far West … we leave you the surprise for the rest !

For connoisseurs of Lego games, we do not change a recipe that works, as usual you will have to destroy and rebuild the elements that make up the decor to be able to move forward. So yes, nothing new on that side, a little disappointment. Riddles will also be part of the game, just to test your IQ finally especially your informed eye to be able to unblock a situation. Sometimes we will admit to being a little lost, but again, this feeling is not new when playing a Lego game, by that mean that sometimes therefore, we do not really know what to do to move forward. and we find ourselves interacting frantically with anything and everything in order to move forward. Nothing dramatic though, just a little frustration at times and a feeling of going in circles.

Another question that many players ask themselves: the lifespan. Easily count 15 hours if you want to complete the main story of  Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 . Acceptable lifespan therefore, but above all, the immersion of this open-world in brick mode will be disorienting with these very varied settings and these very many more or less known heroes. Moreover, we really appreciated taking in hand characters that the franchise had for the moment less put forward like the Inhumans for example. It’s fresh, it’s fun and that’s what we ask of a Lego game: have fun by firing bricks! And if you want to complete the game 100% and unlock all 236 characters that the game contains, then you can double the lifespan easily.

Visually the game is quite beautiful, with nice lighting effects, we feel that the developers have taken special care so that the immersion in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is really successful. A positive point therefore and a real improvement compared to the last Opus Marvel Lego released 4 years ago.

We will finish by specifying that the title of Warner contains the possibility of campaigning in co-op mode thanks to two game modes for 4 playersbut in local mode. The first mode which is called “Lack of agreement” is a kind of Splatoon where you will have to paint territories to win. In the second mode, “Capture of Infinity Stones”, players will have to get their hands on a Stone and manage to keep possession of it until the time runs out. On this side, nothing very original either, game modes already included in a lot of title which offers a co-op mode, but hey again the recipe has been proven and it will allow fun with the family or with friends at home, all for the Marvel cause, so we’re not going to complain.